Friday, October 4, 2013

Signing at Sea World

Yesterday, my parents and I took my girls to Sea World for their annual homeschool day. It's one of our favorite field trips and gives us a chance to practice the signs for dolphin, shark, fish, and water.

Of course, signing is always a helpful way to communicate that a restroom break is necessary or a non-embarrassing reminder to pay attention to the speaker!

We were excited to learn how the sea lions learn hand signals from their trainers, and we even got to "meet" veteran performer Elrod. Thank you, Sea World, for taking care of homeschooling families!

Clicking on the links will take you to lifeprint.com, where you can view Dr. Bill Vicars demonstrating the ASL signs.


  1. Such a fun day ... and what a special time getting to meet Elrod up-close and personal!!

  2. I'm glad you had fun, we are homeschoolers and missed it this year. We have always loved the homeschool day at SeaWorld!


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