Tuesday, April 15, 2014

NOW Enrolling: Summer Session 2014! | San Antonio * Baby Signing

NOW Enrolling: Summer Session 2014! | San Antonio * Baby Signing
Hopkins from Signing Time is excited!
This post requires confetti and a marching band, so use your imagination.

Today is THE day--one of the three days when I obsessively watch my e-mail and wait for the little pings to tell me that new students are registering! Such a happy day.

I am THRILLED to announce that we will have 29 Play & Sign graduates when this current session concludes at the end of this month. That number blows me away--so many awesome families have joined our community! So many young children are being equipped for early communication! It makes me giddy on the inside.

At our free trial class this past weekend, I was sharing part of our story--how our older daughter's prematurity came with so many blessings, namely a large support team of therapists who helped us past the delays and actually propelled Adeline ahead of her peers. As a first time mom, I really appreciated all the ideas and advice that our team provided for us! Then one of our graduate's parents (who also attended the class) said, "That's how we feel about you." And I nearly cried right there.

Y'all, if my passion has not come across here or you have never seen me teach, I hope that we can remedy that someday. I love what I do. I am so thankful to all of the parents who take the time to come to class each week when there are TV shows to catch up on and Cadbury eggs to eat in the closet. (Hypothetically speaking...)

So here's what's coming up--I hope we'll see YOUR family very soon!

NOW Enrolling: Summer Session 2014! | San Antonio * Baby Signing

Registration runs April 15th-April 24th! Be sure to tell a friend!


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