Friday, May 30, 2014

Who wants an iPad mini?! (Of course you do!) | Rachel & the TreeSchoolers Giveaway

I have written all about our love for Two Little Hands and their amazing programs: Baby Signing Time, Signing Time, Potty Time, and Rachel & the TreeSchoolers! I was a loyal and happy customer for years before I became an instructor with the Signing Time Academy--and we still love every product that comes our way. (Read my review of Rachel and the TreeSchoolers right here!)

We are excited to be Kickstarter backers for the next three episodes (7-9) of TreeSchoolers! We LOVE the first three episodes, and we are EAGERLY anticipating the release of episodes 4, 5, and 6.

And today, I am THRILLED to share an awesome giveaway from Two Little Hands! Your family could win an iPad mini (!!!) and a year's subscription to the entire Two Little Hands digital library.

Who wants an iPad mini?! (Of course you do!) | Rachel & the TreeSchoolers Giveaway
Win an iPad Mini! Watch full episodes of Rachel & the TreeSchoolers (free on YouTube) and share your feedback.
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It's a fun giveaway, and I hope you enter! I'd love for one of Y'ALL to be the big winner. 

(Disclosure: As an instructor with the Signing Time Academy, I am not eligible to enter the giveaway. Links to the giveaway are affiliate links, which means if you purchase anything from SigningTime.com while you're there, I may make a small commission at no extra cost to you.)

Oh, and THIS is happening in August! My girls can't wait to meet Rachel Coleman and see her in person. Write in your calendar now--hope to see you in Austin! (It's going to be AMAZING!)

Rachel Coleman LIVE! in Austin, Texas: August 9, 2014

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