Monday, September 30, 2013

See ya, September!

Wow, what a month! :)
Kate turned TWO! Our girl is singing, dancing, and stringing together sentences. "Timeline song, please" and "More water, Mommy" are the two that I hear most throughout the day. She picks up new signs every day (YES is her newest sign) and can say all of her ABCs and count to 12. Once again, I think it's clear that Signing Time is helping with our girls' early education in a very unique way.

Addie is devouring books and loving her Kindergarten year. Homeschooling is much more challenging than I expected (mostly in terms of scheduling and working around a two-year-old's short attention span).

A wonderful reporter and photographer joined us for class this month and wrote a great article about signing with children. You can read the article here
(Note: Our Play & Sign classes use real American Sign Language vocabulary--we don't get into sentence structure or grammar with young children, but it's important to mention that the Signing Time Academy does not use made-up "baby signs" in its curriculum. If and when your family is ready to learn more ASL, you will have an excellent foundation with the nouns and verbs we cover in class.)
And yes, we went to Disneyland! 
Addie, our five year old, was the Grand Prize Winner in Hand to Hold's Preemie Power Contest in 2012 and we were overwhelmed by the AMAZING experience that was gifted to us by Neotech.

October, you have a LOT to live up to! :)

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