Monday, November 18, 2013

Participating in the Isis Project: my Addie as Rachel Coleman

Last month, we were thrilled to participate in the first round of photographs taken for San Antonio's newest public art initiative, The Isis Project! Inspired by this amazing photoshoot, each girl dressed up and posed like a female trailblazer who has made a difference in their life. I immediately knew that I wanted my five-year-old to participate, but I wanted her to have the final say in her heroine choice.

You cannot believe how happy I was that she picked Rachel Coleman! This video is a beautiful testimony of the heart and passion behind Signing Time:

The costume was relatively simple: I bought a white sweatshirt at Walmart and dyed it with yellow dye. I had picked up a long-sleeve orange shirt at a children's consignment store, so I cut off the sleeves and used the extra fabric to make cuffs, elbow patches, and a mock-collar. A little hairspray and washi tape and, voila!

Addie is a natural lefty, so this photo is actually flipped to match Rachel's. :) Had I known, her hair would have been going the right direction. ;)

The Isis Project is continuing throughout 2014, so if you are interested in participating, I suggest you "like" them on Facebook! We can't wait to see all the other amazing women that are represented!


  1. Love this project...love the pic!

  2. What a cool project. I think I've seen it on FB but didn't know much about it. Love your sweet girl in that photo!


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