Monday, December 9, 2013

Preview: Mom's Book Club #2 | Lone Star Signers, San Antonio, Texas

THURSDAY is our second meeting of the Lone Star Signers Mom's Book Club, and I am so excited about this pick!

From Amazon: "An antidote to our stressed-out mother culture, MotherStyles validates the notion that good mothering comes in many styles...Drawing on the personality type-theory popularized by the Myers-Briggs(r) Type Indicator and author Janet Penley's more than eighteen years of working with mothers, MotherStyles explains the combinations of traits that make up sixteen distinct mothering approaches... Penley helps readers identify which style reflects her own strengths, struggles, and needs and, from there, offers unique and concrete ideas for ways to overcome the parenting challenges inherent to each type. Guiding mothers to an understanding of how type affects parent-child interactions and family dynamics, MotherStyles will help moms everywhere to recharge their batteries, and find success in this most important of roles.

If you're planning on attending on Thursday, here are some discussion starters for you to ponder:
* Read the Introduction. Do you identify with the myth of the ideal mother?
* What did you think of the descriptions of each preference in Chapter 1? Did any of the qualities jump out at you?
* Do you feel like "Your Unique Style" on page 17 accurately describes you?
* Chapter 4 details the differences between "Thinking" and "Feeling" personalities. I'm curious, as a group of women with mostly homeschooling/attachment parenting leanings, how many of us lean more toward "Feeling."
* Chapter 8 talks about the personality core. Is there anyone in your family life that you share a "core" with?
* Did you "type" your husband and children? :)
* Chapter 11 & 13 are my favorites--if you need to skip a few middle chapters, be sure to read these two!

Mostly, I'm curious: did this book change your parenting or the way you look at one of your children? See you Thursday!

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