Thursday, February 13, 2014

Weekly Round-up: The BEST of the Internet #3 | Lone Star Signers

Weekly Round-up: The BEST of the Internet #3 | Lone Star Signers

**We've had two busy weeks with illness and catching up on schoolwork--
so I missed last week's "Best of the Internet" Round-up!**

I love sharing great early education & ASL resources for your family--but thanks to constant Facebook "updates," fewer than 25% of people who have liked my page actually see what I post. Are you one of the lucky few? :)

Here are my favorite links from February 1st-13th:

1: Bob's House (Superbowl Commercial, 2008)

2: Childbirth Preparation Classes by Salty Mama Birth & Family Services (starting February 19th)

3: Counting and Measuring with Lego by The Imagination Tree

4: "Tell Your Valentine I Love You" from Signing Savvy

5: 10 Fine Motor Activities for Babies & Toddlers from Happy Hooligans (I especially love #2!)

6: Food Allergies | What Parents Want You to Know (But They're Afraid to Tell You) from Smartter Each Day**
**FAVORITE post of the week, seriously!**

7: And just in case you missed the follow-up to our toy rotation dilemma, here's my post on that. (I am LOVING toy rotation--I am a believer!!)
Toy Rotation: http://lonestarsigners.blogspot.com/2014/02/toyrotation.html

There are so many amazing resources out there for parents and teachers of young children! I'd love for you to share a link with us: what inspired you this week?

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