Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Around here: February

Ah, February, with your springlike teases and longer days! Here is what we're up to:

reading The Story of the World, Volume 1

playing drums with Papa (Addie started lessons earlier in the month)

celebrating the first Texas Mountain Laurel blooms (my favorite sign of spring!)

enjoying the third quarter of Kindergarten

listening to Elizabeth Mitchell's Sunny Day album

loving on Winston (he and Kate have been inseparable lately)

learning to play (a little more) independently

savoring the return of Cadbury Mini Eggs in the seasonal aisle

doing open-ended art together once a week

exploring local parks on the weekend as a family

writing and drawing in our sketchpads (obsessively, for one little five-year-old)

anticipating bluebonnnets and a new family rhythm

March, you are welcome here!


  1. I also look to the Mountain Laurel as my sign of spring. I think they smell like grape Kool-Aid!

  2. Sweet post ... L, M


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