Monday, April 21, 2014

Homeschooling: Kindergarten to 1st Grade Transition

Here we are: the end of the school year! When I was a student, the spring semester always seemed to last forever, but now I can’t believe that May is just a week away.

We have 24 “official” learning days left in Kindergarten—but the benefit of doing school at home means that EVERY day is a learning day. That is how I want my children to view life, anyway.

Homeschooling: Kindergarten to 1st Grade Transition
Addie is VERY excited about starting first grade. She knows that her Kindergarten lessons are dwindling down—there’s even a post-it note in her phonics book that delineates where the “1st grade” work begins and she is counting down! (The entire book is actually 1st grade-level, but we’re just doing all the beginning review pages now.)

Also on the agenda for the next five weeks:
  • 24 math lessons (I could not have planned THAT any better!)
  • Handwriting 
  • Language Arts work (rhyming, syllables, and more)
  • Lots of memory work review

All of our 1st grade curriculum has been ordered and most of our books have arrived already--I am eager to make a year-long plan so that we can officially start mid-June.

Homeschooling: Kindergarten to 1st Grade Transition
Here is what we have chosen to start (some affiliate links included):
Classical Conversations: memory work, fine arts, science, presentations, and more
Language Arts: an eclectic mix, including First Language Lessons (new) and SRA Phonics (left over from my teaching days)
Bible: Enjoying God's Gifts (free from another local homeschooler)
Science: Elemental Science (Biology--Animals)
Social Studies: U.S. History (using library books)

If you're homeschooling next school year, I'd love to hear what your family is doing for curriculum!

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