Monday, April 28, 2014

The Importance of Community | Lone Star Signers

So. I don't get too personal here most of the time. I like to write about homeschooling, and our adventures with Tot School, and all of the amazing benefits of using American Sign Language with our children.

I love to read, and write, and teach... and I tend to be a fairly stoic introvert. But every once in a while, I think a little bit of my natural goofiness or passion shines through, and I have a feeling that today is going to be one of those days.

Way back in college, I took one of those personality assessments at church as part of a spiritual gifts class. I knew a lot of the answers already--I had a knack for organization and "administrative" type tasks even at the young age of 19 years old. What did surface (way back then) was my passion for community: not just for myself, but for connecting others in genuine relationships.

These past two years, I have really been thankful for the opportunities that Lone Star Signers has provided for me--a chance to use my natural gifts for planning and teaching, my love for children, and my passions for early education and American Sign Language to impact other families in the San Antonio area.

I also love the relationships that have developed with other parents who have similar interests and desires for their own children. We have a Mom's Book Club that meets occasionally, and I also like to host Family Game Nights and playdates for our little ones. These events are personal for me--not as a "business" opportunity, but a chance to get to know y'all beyond the basic small talk and pleasantries.

This weekend, I had an opportunity to catch a little bit of the 2014 (In)courage conference online. Some of my favorite authors (heck, my favorite women!) share their stories regularly over there--and hearing their voices on the webcast is weirdly fascinating. As woman after woman reinforced the power of REAL community, that passion in my heart was fanned a little brighter.

Mamas, we NEED each other. Social media is awesome, especially for the days we don't get out of our jammies--but it cannot replace real friendships.

If you have your community, your tribe--that's awesome! But if you're feeling even the tiniest ache of loneliness, a desire to have a genuine conversation with another woman this week--please join us for our Mother's Day Picnic on Friday! We would LOVE to have you.



  1. That is cool! Wish I could go but I have to WAHM.... Maybe this summer when I am off their will be an event ;-)

  2. LOVE! Glad you are part of my "village". ;) And glad you mentioned the picnic, we will be there as long as I can get my other appointment scheduled afterwards!


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