Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Tot Tray Wednesday #5 | Eat & Drink

We had a great round of signing classes this week, and I'm excited to have a new theme of activities for my own girls!
Tot Tray Wednesday #5 | Eat & Drink

Week 5
Signing class theme: Eat & Drink
Main book: Mouse Mess

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Toys with unlimited access:
* Orange & red Duplos, tiger, zookeeper, car
* Color tub: ORANGE (tons of fun "open-ended" toys in here!)
* Color stacker (Sparkbox)--my girls STILL love this!
* Color-themed books, food books and nursery rhymes
* Foam number puzzles (similar)
* Magnetic letters and oil pan
* Pop beads (or as Kate calls them, "My caterpillar!")

Tot Tray Wednesday #5 | Eat & Drink

Tot Trays:
1. Food-shape puzzles: I pulled out the puzzles featuring our food words (cracker, egg, peas, cheese, banana)
2. Melissa & Doug nuts and bolts: food board & caterpillar board
3. Lacing buttons with shoelace & stacking cups (for sorting)
4. Three-part number puzzles (1-10)

I think we'll also set up a pretend grocery store on Friday or Monday with our play food, shopping cart, cash register, and play money.
What are your kiddos playing with?


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