Friday, May 10, 2013

Signing Success Story #2 | San Antonio * Baby Signing

Child’s name and age:
River (15 months)

When and why did you start signing with your child?

We started at 6 months with 'milk', but we knew when I was pregnant that would would be signing with River. I'd done so much research that told me how much of an impact it would have on his development.

* How has signing made a difference in your family?

It's been so much easier(is it ever easy?!) to communicate with him, he's speaking more and telling us what he's wanting.

* What would you tell a friend interested in signing with their child?

To start early! Even if its just a couple signs. The best insight I've been given was that they understand much sooner than they can communicate back, so it's important to sign to them even if they aren't responding back.

* Do you have a favorite Signing Time product?

We've only used the DVDs to this point, so they're our, River's, favorite! He won't watch anything on TV for more than 30 seconds. He loves Rachel, he requests to watch "Baby". He just lights up when he hears the music and sees it coming on.

Thank you for sharing, Joscelyn! :)


You can download a FREE 13 minute Signing Time sampler by clicking here and following the directions!

Joscelyn will be sent a  free Practice Time DVD as a thank you gift for participating in this series, but all opinions are her own. Update (June 2013): Joscelyn is now a Baby Signing Time Instructor in the Converse area! Check out her Instructor page here.

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