Thursday, May 2, 2013

Thursday Class Wrap-Up: Eat and Drink

Wow, what a great first class. :) Over two sessions this morning and evening, we had 15 parents and 16 kids!

We learned and reviewed the signs for eat/food, more, all done, please, thank you, hungry, thirsty, drink, milk, water, juice, banana, cereal, and cracker. (You can see those signs here.) We also learned a few bonus signs like cheese, mouse, shopping, and pay.

We read some books (both available at the library):

This video had some great grocery shopping signs:
American Sign Language: Grocery Shopping
—powered by eHow.com

And of course, the kids had a great time playing out on the patio!

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I enjoyed these books and wanted to share them with my students and their families. *

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