Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Product Review: Signing Time Series One, Volume 11 (My Neighborhood)

Alex, Leah, their frog Hopkins, and host Rachel Coleman teach ASL signs for playground activities, vehicles, places to go and people to see in your neighborhood. Created for ages 1-8, yet fun for all. Available only on DVD. Close-Captioned. Approximate run time: 30 minutes, plus special features.

My Neighborhood includes the following original songs, written by Rachel Coleman:
* Signing Time Theme
* Down at the Park
* Watch Me Go
* My Job
* In My Neighborhood
* Every Day

ASL signs taught in this DVD:
Playground - Roller Skates - Picnic - Kite - Swing - Slide - Climb - Sand - Helicopter - Bus - Boat - Motorcycle - Slow - Fast - Store - Buy - Stamp - Mail - Library - Story - Office - Work - Restaurant - Firefighter - Police Officer - Doctor - Nurse.

And if you pay close attention, you’ll also see and learn these additional signs:
Time - Teach - Come - Sign - Sing - Dance - Laugh - Play - Where - Friend - Meet - Find - Not - Different - Share - Love - Day - Now - Favorite - Spot - Go - Do - Much - See - City - School - Watch - Need - Mailbox - Can - Good/Behave - Read - Book - Hard - Visit - Eat - People - Same - Family - Careful - Safe - Help - Hurt - Every Day - Special - Diaper - Potty.


If you're just starting out signing with your little ones, I definitely recommend the Baby Signing Time series and volumes 1-3 of regular Signing Time. But what do you watch once you've seen all of those and mastered the signs your family uses regularly? Well, I have been watching Signing Time DVDs with my daughter(s) for over three years now. It's safe to say that we each have our favorites, and Signing Time: My Neighborhood (Series 1, Volume 11) is definitely my favorite!

As a stay-at-home mom, this DVD covers so many of the signs related to our everyday errands: playground, library, post office. My toddler loves the "Watch Me Go" segment with all the transportation signs and my preschooler loves the Special Helper section. (We use the signs whenever we see a firefighter or police officer while we're out and about. There really are helpers everywhere!)

I love to help families find just the right DVD for their situation. If you have any questions, please comment below or e-mail me!

This post does contain affiliate links. I purchased this DVD for my family long before I became a Signing Time Academy instructor after checking it out from the library MANY times. :) The opinions stated in this post are entirely my opinion.

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