Thursday, May 23, 2013

Which DVD Should I Buy?

Last summer, Signing Time had a $10 DVD sale (that's 50% off regular prices!) and our family stocked up!
It's taken 3.5 years to build up our collection, and today I want to share some of our favorites with you.

**But first--here's a little about Signing Time, from SigningTime.com:**

The award-winning Signing Time DVDs will help you and your child learn basic American Sign Language (ASL) vocabulary words. Signing Time truly makes learning sign language easy, entertaining and fun for children of all ages. The format of Signing Time includes an adult (Rachel Coleman, co-creator) to model each sign, supported by footage of Alex and Leah (real kids, cousins in real life, Leah is deaf and Alex can hear, and Leah is Rachel's daughter), as well as footage of children and families demonstrating each sign in the proper context. Two to four thematic songs are sprinkled throughout each volume to help bring together all that you've learned.

The recommended ages for Signing Time are ages 1-8, although all ages love it and find it a fun and easy way to learn basic ASL signs. (If we can make it simple enough for small children to learn, older children and adults will learn in a snap!)

Each DVD is approximately 30 minutes long plus approximately 15 minutes of bonus material and special features such as interviews, bloopers, sign variations, and behind-the-scenes segments. All products are close-captioned and also contain English subtitles as an optional backup for captioning.

Baby Signing Time is designed specifically for babies 3 - 36 months old. This two-volume series sets your baby's day to music as you learn signs and songs for everyday events in baby's life such as eating, washing hands, sleep time, family members, pets, and more. The format of this program is a combination of original songs, animation, and real signing babies age 2 and under demonstrating each sign.

Baby Signing Time makes signing easy and fun and is a great product to start with if your child is under three years old. If you already own the Signing Time series, adding Baby Signing Time to your collection is a good idea if you still have young children in your family. It provides more reinforcement (and new songs) for those beginning signs. Baby Signing Time also makes an excellent gift for expectant mothers and new babies and is one of Signing Time's best-selling products.

**After Baby Signing Time, there are 26 Signing Time DVDs. There are two different series of Signing Time, called Series One and Series Two, that contain 13 volumes each, making 26 total. Series One is the original 13 Volumes of Signing Time (the series that started it all!) which were released from 2002-2006.**

These award-winning DVDs will teach your child over 20 ASL signs for farm animals, plus all of the letters of the alphabet! Features the song "Down on Leah's Farm" as seen on Nick Jr. Please note that these two DVDs are packed in one case.

Leah's Farm is a classic; one of my girls' top 5 for sure! They love learning all the animals and it ties in so well with many adorable children's books (Old MacDonald, Barnyard Dance).

ABC Signs is terrific for preschoolers--we bought it for our older daughter when she turned 4, but our younger daughter enjoys it, too. The song "A is for Alex" moves quickly and is a terrific exercise for signers looking for an extra challenge. :)
Like Leah's Farm, The Zoo Train is another favorite at our house. Our girls love learning all the animal signs! 

ASL signs taught in this DVD: Rhinoceros - Kangaroo - Camel - Gorilla - Crocodile - Elephant - Penguin - Giraffe - Bat - Seal - Panda - Hippopotamus - Zebra - Tiger - Lion - Monkey - Starfish - Shrimp - Lobster - Crab - Octopus - Dolphin - Whale - Shark.

This was our second Signing Time DVD purchase! I love that it covers the vocabulary that we use almost everyday when we go to the park and run errands, plus the signs for important people in our "neighborhood" (police officer, firefighter, doctor, nurse).

**Series Two reinforces signs that have been learned in Series One, and builds your ASL vocabulary with many new signs. Brand new learning modules such as "Counting Time" and "ABC Time" are segments within each volume that reinforce either the theme or signs being taught, and provide the opportunity to practice other skills within a signing framework.** 

Move and Groove was the first Signing Time DVDs I ever purchased, long before I was a Signing Time Academy Instructor! I LOVE that it gives my girls a chance to get up and move--during a hot Texas summer, it's important to have ways to burn off energy indoors. This DVD does the trick!

**So those are the Baby Signing Time and Signing Time DVDs that our family owns! Check back to hear about the rest of our collection...and what we plan on purchasing next!**

*This post does contain affiliate links. I I have purchased each of these DVDs for my own family; these opinions are entirely my own. Please view my disclosure policy for more information. *

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