Sunday, June 2, 2013

DVD Recommendations, Part 2

In my last post, I shared part of our Signing Time DVD collection. Here are the rest of my recommendations!
I highly recommend to everyone that asks--check your local library system to see which Signing Time DVDs they carry! You get a variety of options with absolutely NO cost. Our San Antonio Public Library carries all of the Baby Signing Time and regular Signing Time DVDs, so I make it a point to purchase the items I can't borrow from the library! Here are all those "extras" that we love:

Sing & Sign features Rachel Coleman signing thirteen of the most popular Signing Time songs from beginning to end. You’ll have lots of fun while you learn the ASL concepts in each song.

Sing & Sign features three viewing options for each song:
  • Learn to Sign: Rachel shows you how to sign each song all the way through, and explains why you might encounter different ASL interpretations of the same song. 
  • Sing & Sign: Watch the words on the screen and follow along with Rachel as you sign each song from beginning to end. 
  • Original DVD Versions: View music clips of each song, taken straight from the Signing Time series. It’s like watching all your favorite music videos back-to-back!
We LOVE this DVD! There are so many secondary signs to pick up...plus it covers lots of our favorite songs from Volumes 1-6, which eliminates the need for us to purchase those. :)

Story Time is a hands-on approach to reading, featuring six original stories that incorporate signs for bugs, family members, activities, animals, vehicles, feelings, colors, fruits, and more. First, Rachel will teach you how to sign key words from each story in American Sign Language. Then she’ll read the story to you while signing those key words. Listen, watch, read, and sign along with Rachel as the words to each story appear on the screen.

Our older daughter is an early reader, and I strongly believe that the Signing Time series played a huge role! One of the best tips I share with parents is to turn the captions on when children have their rare TV time. Story Time is one of our favorite DVDs--Counting Sheep is adorable!

In Practice Time ABCs, host Rachel Coleman teaches you the alphabet in American Sign Language and quizzes you on what you've learned. Using clear, simple instruction, Rachel demonstrates each sign, and then sums up all of the letters in the Alphabet Song, so you can sing and sign along! Once you’ve mastered the alphabet, Rachel leads you through a series of interactive fingerspelling exercises.

This is a GREAT DVD for older preschoolers and early readers. Fingerspelling is such a fantastic tool for learning to spell, especially for visual and kinesthetic learners.

Potty Time teaches the potty routine along with signs that children of any age can use to talk about growing up, using the potty, and celebrating successes of all kinds. Signs are especially useful for potty training infants and toddlers. The Potty Time DVD and Music CD help children feel good about their growing bodies, learn the potty routine, and celebrate successes of any kind!

This DVD came out right after our first daughter learned how to use the toilet independently, so it's taken us a couple of years to be able to watch and enjoy this with our second daughter! :) Kate is in the beginning stages of potty training, but she definitely has a head start after watching this DVD a couple of times a month. It has so many positive messages that any child can benefit from, plus very helpful/practical signs.

Rachel and the Treeschoolers (DVD + CD)Episode 1: A Rainy Day:
Rain interrupts the TreeSchooler’s plans to play outside. The lightning and thunder scare Abacus Finch. Rachel and the TreeSchoolers show Abacus that understanding something can make it less scary. This episode teaches the following skills, concepts and values:
  • weather concepts 
  • problem solving 
  • word rhyming 
  • sign language 
  • storytelling 
  • persistence 
  • kindness 
  • courage 
  • sorting
This is the first of Rachel Coleman's new series and it's adorable. It's definitely light on the signs, but it's nice to have a familiar face introduce new ideas about weather--and the songs are great, too! New DVDs are expected later this year!

Starting tomorrow (June 3rd), all DVDs on the Signing Time website are just $10! This is an annual sale, so be sure to stock up--we won't see prices this low until next year!
Click here to start shopping!
*This post does contain affiliate links. I I have purchased each of these DVDs for my own family; these opinions are entirely my own. Please view my disclosure policy for more information. *

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