Friday, January 3, 2014

Signing Success Story #4 | San Antonio * Baby Signing

David is a recent graduate from Play & Sign classes, and I am so glad that his mom and dad agreed to share his story on the blog today! The entire family is proof that when you put in consistent time and effort into signing with your little ones, amazing things can happen!

Signing Success Story #4 | San Antonio * Baby Signing
Child’s name and age:
David (17 months)

When and why did you start signing with your child?

We started at 11 months old and classes at 13 months old. We have always believed learning different languages was a good thing and we love watching him learn.

* How has signing made a difference in your family?

Signing has helped bridge the gap between English and Spanish in our family. David understands Spanish much more than English. Signing has helped us teach him that things can have multiple names.

* What would you tell a friend interested in signing with their child?

Definitely worth trying it out. I feel like David doesn't get as frustrated because he knows how to communicate with us about the things he wants.
* * * * *

Two weeks ago, his mom sent me a video of David signing over five words--and they regularly post pictures of their family practicing signs at home (AIRPLANE at Christmas time, FLOWER at the zoo). I'm blown away by his parents' passion and how quickly this little guy has become trilingual.

This family is DEFINITELY a Signing Success Story!

If you're using more than one language with YOUR little one, I'd love to hear about it in the comments below.

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