Thursday, May 29, 2014

Summer Learning Plans: June

It's hard to believe that summer is ALMOST here!

Addie had her Kindergarten graduation day last week and most of our weekly activities have wrapped up for the year, so we are having a "take it easy" week. We will likely be starting 1st grade OFFICIALLY sometime toward the end of June, after our family vacation.

During the summer, I'd like to set monthly goals to keep us on track as we prepare to go back to our Classical Conversations community in the fall! I think Addie has a real chance at Memory Master this year, and I want to be sure she's prepared if she decides to go that route.

June Goals:
Summer Learning Plans: June

* LOTS of open-ended play! 
Kate is getting big enough to make-believe with Addie, and I want to be intentional about giving them blocks of time to use their imagination together.
* Messy time! 
I need to be better about getting out the playdough, paints, etc. and letting the girls create. I want to really be present with them during these blocks of time.
* Read-aloud time!
We've made it through our first chapter book as a family, and I have a few more ready to go. I'd love to make it part of our daily routine to read a chapter together.
* Timeline song!
Classical Conversations has created a timeline with 161 historical events. Addie has most of it memorized, but I'd like to work on clarity of speech and focus on learning all of the ASL/motions that go along with the song. (It's nice that the motions our community uses were created by another Signing Time Academy Instructor--I love that we can tuck a little bit of extra information into the song!)
* Geography: States & Capitals!
Cycle 3 covers US geography, so I'd like to use the month of June to start learning states & capitals. We have a US map puzzle, and I've also made a matching game using leftover plastic Easter eggs. I picked up a couple of states books from the Target Dollar Spot that we can take along with us on our trip, also.
* Math and Reading!
I purchased an awesome packet from Teachers Pay Teachers that will make sure we've hit all major math & literacy goals for Kindergarten--I plan on doing two pages with Addie each day. (We'll also be joining a few summer reading programs! Addie LOVES to read, so she doesn't really need incentives to keep at it--but free books are always a good thing.)
* Swimming!
The water in the pool isn't quite warm enough for my taste yet, but hopefully soon! I'd love for Addie swim independently this year (no floaties), so we'll start working on basic skills in the evening when Adam is home from work.

Do you have plans for summer learning?


  1. Sounds like a great plan! I love messy time. Mine is just entering 4 year old preschool twice a week next school year, but she's so ready to read. I think we'll be working on that.

    1. Isn't that a fun age! I love when our kiddos are on the cusp of something new and exciting--reading will change her life! Thanks for stopping by, Stephanie!

  2. What a wonderful mother you are! The kind I wish I had been, my kids are all grown now. Pinning for my followers with little ones - thanks for sharing Melissa!

    1. You're sweet. And thanks for sharing, Ronda!


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