Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Tot Tray Wednesday #7 | Pets

Hooray for another great signing class! I'm really enjoying creating more extension activities this time around--it's not what we accomplish during our one hour of class together, but what you, the parent, are inspired to do the other 98 hours of awake time!

Tot Tray Wednesday #7 | Pets

Week 7
Signing class theme: Pets
Signing Time video: Baby Signing Time, Volume 1
Main book: Brown Bear, Brown Bear

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Toys with unlimited access:
* Green bristle blocks
* Color tub: GREEN (several fun "open-ended" toys in here!)
* Mirror blocks (Sparkbox)--after being away in storage for two weeks, these are VERY popular!
* Pet-themed books, family books and nursery rhymes
* Lacing buttons (GREEN) and shoelace
* Ice cream set from IKEA and pom poms
* Magnetic characters from the book and oil pan
* Dog and cat animal counters + muffin tin and tongs

Tot Tray Wednesday #7 | Pets
Kindergarten activities:
Our older daughter wrapped up her Kindergarten year on Friday, but we're still keeping up with the learning during the summer! I thought it would be fun to show you some of the activities I've come up with for her to work on this week.
* Brown Bear animal counting game with unifix cubes (FREE on Teachers Pay Teachers)
* Handwriting pages and ASL color words

Other awesome Brown Bear printables: Literacy Unit from Jackie Higgins ($)

Tot Tray Wednesday #7 | Pets

Tot Trays:
1. Heart-counting with Brown Bear picture cards (available in a HUGE packet on Teachers Pay Teachers)
2. Pets "Place & Trace" puzzle--we'll use to stamp playdough and make patterns
3. Heads & tails puzzles (found here on 1plus1plus1equals1.com)
4. Brown Bear velcro matching book

What are your kiddos playing with?

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  1. I love signing time. We picked up the older videos. I really wish there was a next step because now that our boys are older they think those are too babyish, but they were learning so much for a while.

    1. Hi Gale,

      I am glad you stopped by! :)
      I've heard rumors that a new season of Signing Time is coming in the next year or so, with teenage Alex and Leah! I'm really excited for my girls to have something to grow into!

  2. This is really neat! My best friend is using sign language to help her now 8 month old communicate. It's the neatest thing ever to watch her be able to communicate without words. :)

    1. Welcome Taylor! ASL is such an awesome way to communicate with all children--I'm so glad our speech therapist recommended it with our oldest daughter. Our girls are 2.5 and nearly 6, and we still sign ALL the time: when our mouths are full, at the park, and as "helpful hints" when we sing our memory work songs for homeschooling! Thanks for leaving a comment. :)


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