Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Toddler Book Recommendations | Lone Star Signers

I love to hear what y'all are reading with your little ones! Last week, I asked for book recommendations--and I love the responses! A few of our favorites and a few new ones to borrow from the library!

I decided to share some of our favorite toddler read-aloud books with you. All of these can be found on Kate's bookshelf!
(Affiliate links used, but please note--all of these books were purchased by us or given to our children as gifts. These recommendations are from the heart, y'all!)

Barnyard Dance

We love every Sandra Boynton book, but this is the first one we ever read, and it's terrific! "Stomp your feet! Clap your hands! Everyone ready for a ...."

Bear Wants More

I hope you have already read everything by Karma Wilson, but if not: START HERE!

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

My 2.5 year old loves to "read" this one to herself. I love the predictable text and the ending.

Good Night, Gorilla

Another book Kate has memorized. She even gives commentary on the pages without words. (So cute!)

Gossie & Gertie

I love every book in *this* series, too--but this one is my favorite. As the mom of two little girls, I certainly hope they grow up to be best friends. I love that the younger Gertie gets a chance to shine. Such a good book!

I Love You Through and Through

I first read this book to my girls at Target, and I immediately decided to bring it home with us. I love the accurate picture of life with a toddler!

Little Blue Truck

Trucks! Farm animals! A lesson about friendship! It's like The Princess Bride, but for little kids. :)

Where is the Green Sheep?

Mem Fox is my favorite, favorite, favorite children's author. I love that each illustrator she collaborates with brings something unique to the table--Judy Horacek's drawings are adorable and add a touch of whimsy to this terrific book!

And just for fun, a cute picture of Addie "reading" Brown Bear, Brown Bear when she was a toddler!
Toddler Book Recommendations | Lone Star Signers

Now that you've read my list, I'd love to hear your favorites! 
Which of these do you love? What did I miss?

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  1. I LOVE all these books, and you introduced them to me!! It is so awesome to see these great books and to know how much the girls love them! And I love thinking about "Where's the Green Sheep? and hearing Kate say in that very cute toddler voice "I don't know!" <3 <3 L, M


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